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Around The World with a Premier Travel Agency

Travelling around the world is an experience that would excite anyone. Visiting new places and understanding the story behind the culture is something that every individual would like to do. But this can become exhaustive, if not planned in the right way. This is why people nowadays prefer hiring a travel agency. But then do all the agencies render the same experience? This is a concern that people usually have when selecting an agency.

Every travel agency claims to offer the best tour packages. But then there are few that believe in delivering an experience instead of a package. This approach does make a difference. The agencies offer customized packages ensuring that the person would face no problems at all. For this, they provide detailed information about every destination like the history, cultural values, best places to visit, food etc.

Not all agencies follow this approach. Most of them, usually take responsibility of booking accommodations, travel arrangements according to the place selected by the person. But this is not enough. Travel agencies that understand this make sure that they understand the motive and needs of the person before suggesting a trip to a particular country. For example, if a couple desires to book a honeymoon trip, the professionals would select some of the most romantic destinations all over the world and let the couple choose one that they would love to visit without any financial burden.

The agencies not only make all the necessary arrangements and bookings but also ensure that the person experiences the best during the trip. They offer different packages including various services so that the person gets enough choice. In fact, even the deluxe tours to India, Turkey, Greece and other countries are rendered at affordable prices that other agencies do not.

The agencies make schedules and help people decide what all places they will like to include in their holiday packages to India, Rome, Laos and other alternatives. Thus, one gets a customized trip where everything is planned and designed perfectly. Such trips facilitate maximum exposure to the heritage and culture of the new place which allows the traveler to imbibe the best things through interaction with local people.

From accommodations to food, tour guides, everything is taken care of. One just needs to book a trip and relax. Travel agencies who have been operating in this segment for years understand the latent desires of their customers and put in best efforts to make it an unforgettable, lifetime experience.

How Driver Services Help In Better Travelling

The transportation services are very important in every country, like every other country even Rome offers best car rental services. You can enjoy the experience of travelling from one location to another with total luxury and privacy as these Location de voiture Rome services offers great cars with good drivers. Driver services are offered as option, you can select as per you need otherwise only cars are also provided for travelling purpose. For new comers in Rome, these driver services are best as they help in going to different areas in much easier way. There is no fear of getting lost as these drivers know all the routes and directions.

Before hiring these car services, it is important to consider certain things in mind like proper and thorough research should b done regarding the agency. You should check that from how long the car agency is in this field of providing cars to the public, this helps in getting better perception of the service offered. Even you should check the track record of the driver; he should be punctual, well mannered and experienced so a safe journey can be assured. Last but not the least thing to consider is the budget; you should select the car which is in your budget and can be afforded easily. This is very important to maintain the budget so that the whole trip can be enjoyed to the fullest.

With the driver services you can sit back in the car and can enjoy a journey from your doorstep to the desired location. They can be hired for any purpose like official or personal, you can go for shopping, dining, attending any meeting, function, etc. the driver take care of the vehicle as well as of your things. Most of them are local pope so they know all the routes and directions; they can also help in exploring new areas during the sightseeing. Other than roads, they know everything about the parking areas and the traffic systems so you can just relax without any worries and can enjoy the journey to the fullest.

There are so many benefits of taking the driver services as they help in providing a stress free travelling, you can enjoy your trip with your friends and family. You can spend good quality time and can enjoy the views while reaching to desired locations safely. Some of the cars are also equipped with modern technologies like GPS, teleconferencing and wireless Internet, so you can do all your important work during the travel and can utilize the time in the best possible manner. People also like to hire them for going to high profile events as they look so stylish, you can also take them for same purpose and can create good impressions on others. The location de voiture Rome services offer elegant cars with driver services for making your travelling experience a pleasure with loads of luxurious amenities and facilities.

Top 14 Accessible Princess Cruises In The Mediterranean By Sage Traveling

The Top 14 Accessible Princess Cruises in the Mediterranean contain a mix of sailings on the new Regal Princess ship and the older, smaller Ocean Princess ship.

The Regal Princess ship is brand new in 2014 and has the latest features in onboard accessibility. The Ocean Princess only has 680 passengers and has short distances to walk/roll between venues. Because it is a smaller ship, it can sometimes dock closer to the various city centers.

The strength of Princess Cruise itineraries are the Grand Mediterranean cruises between Barcelona and Venice. Other itineraries can have significant changes to the ports of call depending on the sailing date, and disabled cruisers should be aware of how that might affect their ability to sightsee while in port.

Princess only offers 7 accessible shore excursions in the Mediterranean. Thats not a reason to avoid Princess cruises though, because Sage Traveling offers 200+ accessible shore excursions across 62 Mediterranean cruise ports. We will be able to provide you with a fully accessible cruise vacation!

In 2014, there are essentially 3 types of accessible Princess cruise itineraries in the Mediterranean:

1. Grand Mediterranean sailings on the Regal Princess After June 2014, the Regal Princess will sail 12 night Grand Mediterranean cruises between Barcelona and Venice. These sailings are the most common and most accessible Princess cruise itineraries. The Regal Princess is a Royal Class ship that is brand new and will be launched in 2014.
2. Special sailings on the Regal Princess A few special cruises between Venice, Rome, and Athens occur before July 2014. These are unique and include a great 20 day cruise itinerary.
3. Eastern Mediterranean & Holy Land sailings on the Ocean Princess This R Class cruise ship was built in 2002. It is a fairly small ship with only 680 passengers. For any Ocean Princess cruises, you will have to book FAR in advance to get an accessible cabin. It sails various 7 to 21 night itineraries from Athens, Rome, and Venice.

Cruisers interested in Princess may also want to check out the accessible Celebrity cruises. Celebrity has 3 new, large cruise ships with many sailing dates.

Learn about the 6 Benefits of Booking Your Cruise through Sage Traveling

1. Exclusive Cruise Discounts – We can get you better deals than if you book direct
2. 50 off each Shore Excursion – Receive discounted rates if you book your cruise through us
3. Pre-trip Accessibility Consultation – We help you make informed decisions
4. Pre-cruise Accessible Hotel Recommendations – We have personally inspected accessibility of hotel rooms and the surrounding neighborhoods
5. Emergency Support during your Trip – We quickly solve your accessibility problems based on years of experience doing it for other clients
6. Sage Accessibility Guides for each port – Our Sage Accessibility Guides contain essential accessibility advice for each port

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Traveling In Italy – Be Train Smart

Think about traveling in Italy and the mind immediately begins to reach for the airline timetables. Think again. Traveling to and around Italy by train is kinder to your bank account and kinder to the environment. The journey time from London Kings Cross on Eurostar takes just over two hours and costs around forty quid. When you take into account the time spent lolling around the airport, suddenly the train doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Considering, also, the train has one tenth the impact on your carbon footprint compared to flying, everybody wins.

Once on the continent, there are three options for reaching your destination in Italy by train. The Artesia TGV arrives in Milan or Turin from Paris by late evening; the cost is GBP 30.30.

If you have a little extra time to spare and want to treat yourself to some stunning scenery at stunning speeds, the Lyria TGV will transport you to Zurich at 198 mph. The letters ‘TGV’ stand for ‘Trains a Grande Vitesse’, meaning, somewhat less grandly, ‘high speed train.’ The EuroCity pendolino train takes you in the morning through the Swiss Alps to Milan and from there make a connection to Florence, Venice, Naples or Rome. Alternatively, the Artesia sleeper train will carry you direct to Rome, Florence or Venice.

Want to see more of Italy? Milan to Turin or Genoa are short journeys. You can train from Venice or Verona to Siena or Pisa via Bologna. Further down the coast, zip across the country to Rome from Pescara or Naples. Curl around the west coast from Naples right down to the tip of the toe of Italy’s boot and cross the straits to Sicily on the boat train.

Hopping across the Straits of Messina to Sicily is an experience in itself. All trains get shunted onto the ferry for the half-hour crossing.

Sleeper trains have a range of carriages at a price to suit everyone. The couchettes are the cheapest, albeit less private. First Class couchettes have four berths and Second Class, six. They are mixed gender, although women traveling unaccompanied are allowed to book spaces in female-only accommodation. One does not undress at bedtime, but remains in regular clothing. There is one attendant for each pair of cars to convert the coach into it’s bedtime shape, provide pillows, sheets and blankets and to serve drinks and continental breakfast in the morning.

The more comfortable compartments in T25 and Standard Sleeper cars are carpeted and convert to a private sitting room for early evening and morning use. Each room has a washbasin and a bed fully made up. There is one attendant per car. Some of the longer routes, for instance from Milan to Naples, have luxury ‘Excelsior’ cars with one and two-bed compartments with en suite toilet and shower.

There are, of course, highways in Italy if that’s what you prefer. The minimum age for driving a car is 18, insurance is mandatory and traffic fines are on the spot and fierce. You may also be required to convince the authorities that you have written permission to drive the car if you cannot prove that you own it outright.