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Philadelphia International Airport

Parking At Phl Airport

Not surprisingly, Philadelphia International Airport is Philadelphia, Pennsylvanias largest and most important airport, raking in almost $14 million a year! Philadelphia International airport features eight terminals which cater to more than 36,000 people a year. PHL plays host to 28 airlines which service over 600 departures a day. As a result, a large percentage of those people departing from PHL will end up needing to park their cars. Not unlike a variety of other airports serving large cities, PHL offers a variety of parking options:

On-Site Airport Parking

If you plan on parking at Philadelphia International airport for only a short amount of time, short-term parking will be your most cost-effective option. Short-term parking allows you to park for free for the first ten minutes of your stay, and increases the cost hourly after that. If you plan on staying longer than four hours, or if you are flying out of PHL for your trip, long term parking will be a much better choice. This option will be cheaper than short-term parking in the long run. It is located further away from the airport, but PHL offers a complementary shuttle service to and from the long-term lot. Unfortunately, shuttles have to stop at all lots along the way which may make travellers late to their gates. Keep in mind that both short and long term parking do not accommodate for larger vehicles such as tractor trailers or RVs.

Off-Airport Parking

Off-site airport parking is usually offered by companies within a 2 mile radius of the airport. A variety of off-site parking options service Philadelphia International Airport. These days, you have the ability to reserve your PHL parking in advance so that your spot is ensured. You are given the choice between indoor and outdoor parking, and, for a small fee, many lots even offer extra services such as car washes or engine maintenance. Say goodbye to long waits and hefty taxi fees and hello to complementary shuttles that take you directly from your parking spot to your PHL airport terminal.