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New York

Rentals Versus Hotels

It’s a very modern question but an important one nonetheless: why should you choose a vacation sublet over a traditional hotel? Although renting out one’s home or apartment has been a tradition for years, it has only been recently that the vacation rental industry has been booming. While the industry has mainly been dominated by giants like HomeAway and VRBO, there are also up and coming sites like us at However, this article is not about the choice between different vacation home sites; it’s about the choice between vacation homes and traditional homes. Obviously I will be arguing on the side of vacation rentals, but I believe I have many convincing arguments to prove that it is much better for your vacation and your wallet to choose sublets over hotels.

The most obvious reason to choose a vacation home rental over a hotel is the price. Particularly in big cities like New York, hotel prices can be extremely expensive. It is not uncommon to see a large amount of hotel rooms in NYC costing upwards of 300 dollars a night. If you look at the link I provided to, you’ll see that most of the cheaper rooms have very low ratings. With vacation apartments, especially from MetroFlats, rarely do any of our listings crack $300. I’m certainly not going to say there are none that are a bit pricey; there are some. However, the vast majority are around $100. And with the amount of vacation rental amenities included with them, they are worth every penny.

Amenities are my next point. With the most basic hotel room, the most you could hope to get from your room is a wide variety of channels and room service. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to get a Hotel video on demand system, maybe even with video games. Vacation rental apartments, on the other hand, include tons of amenities. Whether it’s a full kitchen to cook your own food or big screen TVs, you will get all the luxury at affordable prices. Check out some of our New York rentals to see more examples of the additions you will get with your rooms.

Finally, vacation rentals give you the chance to live like a local. When you stay in a hotel, you can’t help but feel like a tourist. By staying in your very own apartment, condo, or home, you will get the feeling that you are living with the actual population instead of being isolated in a cramped hotel room. And that, frankly, is something that cannot be replaced.

So there are my arguments against hotels. I hope I’ve convinced some of you that were on the fence. If not, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to at least check out further. I certainly haven’t listed all the advantages of vacation homes, and by browsing our site, you will even more of them.

Choosing a Limo Service for Airport Transportation in CT

If youre flying into JFK or any of the other airports in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts, youre going to need to think about transportation when you get on the ground. In NY, you could take a risk and stand in line at the taxi stand. At other airports, this isnt really an option. Airports has some shuttles to hotels, but you arent always going their way. Sometimes theyre not going to be right there, either, especially if youre getting in on a red-eye flight.

So what should you do if you want a calm, quiet, and comfortable ride to or from the airport, any time, day or night? Its time to find a good limousine service. Airport transportation in Connecticut, and anywhere else for that matter, can be a bit of a gamble if you dont call a reliable service. How can you find one? What do you need? What questions should you ask?

Choosing a CT Limo Service

First of all, everyones transportation needs are different. You may travel light and just need a sedan to drive you from the airport to your home. You may need some extra room for luggage. You may want to unwind and have a drink on your way home. It might be time to treat yourself to a stretch limo ride.

Call a few services and ask them about their airport limo service. They should be able to tell you about their fleet, their rates, and their reservation system. Some of these companies have online resources for all of this information, so you can just browse away.

Choosing a Vehicle

Once youve settled on the right CT airport limo service, youll just have to choose the vehicle that is right for your transportation needs. You can get door-to-door sedan service for very reasonable rates. You dont necessarily need the full luxury treatment when youre just going home to unwind and eat dinner with your family.

If, however, youre getting off the plane and heading to a high-profile conference, meeting, or party, you might want to make an impressive entrance. For this kind of service, you can book a stretch sedan or SUV limo.


The great thing about choosing a CT airport limo services is that you can book it and forget about it. With taxi companies, you can sometimes call ahead, but they dont specialize in reservation services the way that limousine services do. Trust a company that is experienced and professional when youre booking a ride home from the airport.