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Affordable Greek Ferry Ticket Fares For Convenient Traveling By Ferry

It is a well known fact that the country of Greece is made up of many islands. People from all parts of the globe come to the islands to explore them. There was a time when the Greek islands were difficult to reach by many people due to problems of transportation and conveyance. However, with the development of travel and tourism industry in the country and with the coming of international guests, these facilities have been considerably improved. This is one of the most important factors that has lead to the growth and development of the tourism industry in the country.

As mentioned earlier, Greece has many islands and they need to be well connected to one another. Though now there are many flights that connect the various islands, they are quite expensive. It is always not possible to spend so much of money for traveling from one island to another. Therefore ferries are very popular in the country. There are innumerable ferries that connect one Greek island to another. Not only that, Greece is also well connected to Italy and Turkey via the ferry services that are operated in the country. Affordable Greek ferry tickets fares have made traveling between the islands convenient and easy. There are many maritime companies in Greece that operate various ferries connecting the islands in Greece as well as the neighboring countries. s.

There are different kinds of ferries that connect the Greek islands. While some of the ferries are normal, some of them are high-speed ferries as well. Overnight ferries also operate between the various ports in Greece that are quite far off from one another. Along with passengers, many of the ferry services in Greece also carry cargo from one destination to another in the Greek islands. It is natural that for traveling by ferry, tickets have to be bought. There are various factors on which the Greek ferries tickets fares have been decided. Some of the most important ones among them are as follows:
The kinds of ferries: The prices of the tickets charged for different kinds of ferries are different. Tickets for ferries that run on high-speed are more expensive than those for normal ferries. Again ferries that operate on overnight basis also charge highly for the services that are offered.

The distance traveled: It is quite an obvious fact that longer the distance covered by the ferry, higher will be the rates of the tickets for the same. Fares for short distance traveling will be lesser.

Depends on the maritime company: As mentioned earlier, different maritime companies operate ferry services between the Greek islands. Greek ferry tickets fares vary from one company to another. The variation in the prices is not much as there is stiff competition between the companies.

Class of traveling: The ticket fares for traveling in the ferries in Greece depend on the class in which the passengers are traveling. A person traveling on the deck travels economy class and the tickets are the cheapest. Ferries with cabins and rooms are more expensive.

Ticket fares for ferries in Greece are also high during the peak tourism season as well when compared to off-season ticket rates.

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How to best explore Lake Bolsena

Italy is a highly rich country, at least as far as travelers are concerned. When you are walking through the streets of small Italian towns or even villages, it almost feels like you are part of an old, vintage movie and nothing has changed. Everything surrounding you, from the architectural style of the buildings to the small groceries built right on the street, everything is simply enchanting, hard to describe in words. If New York and Las Vegas are cities full of speed, lights and technology, Italy is at the opposite side. So, what should any traveler do to really discover the beauty of this country, to be dazzled by simplicity rather than luxury? The answer is simpler than you might expect. Agritourism is the type of traveling you should try. If you wanted to visit Italy, then you most likely have heard of the enchanting area of Lake Bolseno. Located in the center of the country, near the sunny and warm Tuscany, this volcanic lake seems to draw a surprising number of tourists year after year. However, for one reasons or another, you won’t find an overwhelming number of Lake Bolsena hotels.

This fact reveals a secret, one that that you should be aware of, if you are thinking of visiting this destination. There is no better way to see the beauties of this land other than by choosing an agriturismo Lake Bolsena accommodation option. These are usually establishments that are built on the notion of tradition, of culture. Agritourism offers a completely different understanding of the concept of traveling. You will be taken away from the modern lifestyle, from the noisy streets, filled with fast moving cars, from the long lines to get into museums, from fast food restaurants and of hotels without any personality. When choosing a farmhouse holiday, you are given the opportunity to enjoy the simple lie. You can swim in the lake Bolsena, without being accompanied by a great number of people you don’t know. Each day, you have the chance to walk on stony roads, organize a picnic in the woods, visiting vineyards and seeing the center of Montefiascone with different eyes.

As far as the actual accommodation is concerned, you should know that you are welcomed in traditional houses and apartments that fit in perfectly with the rest of the buildings in the surrounding area. You will no longer be accommodated in the typical hotel room. As you can easily see, agritourism does bring something completely special, it brings a new experience, one through which you can fully understand a culture, a specific tradition. In fact, this is the true way one should travel. In the end, the goal is find the differences in cultures, not necessarily the similarities. Originality rests in differences, so make all efforts to discover them. If Lake Bolsena is the area that has convinced you, then focus on finding the right agritourism company to work with, one that can offer you a truly revealing experience and the chance to enjoy nature at its best.

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Bergamo Airport Transfers

When planning your onward journey from Milan Bergamo airport to your holiday destination it may well be worth organising a private transfer or a seat on a private shuttle bus. Especially if you have children or are in a group of more than 4 people, as the Italian taxi drivers can only carry up to a maximum of 4 people and as a rule do not carry child seats.

There are several companies that offer transfers from Bergamo Airport although a company called Shuttle Direct have earned a reputation of offering a good service at competitive prices for Bergamo airport transfers to many destinations.

By pre booking your own private transfer from Milan Bergamo Airport you can be sure that your group will travel together and in complete safety. If you book a private transfer you just need to collect your luggage and head for the arrivals hall where you will be met by a driver (usually holding a board with your name on) and they will take you straight to your waiting vehicle and onwards to your holiday destination, thus avoiding queuing for taxis or waiting for buses or trains at Bergamo airport.

If you have booked a return journey for the end of your holiday then there is no need to call and confirm again as the driver will be at your villa or hotel on the pre booked time and date ready to take you back to Milan Bergamo Airport which can make your trip hassle and stress free.

If you find the cost of a private transfer a bit expensive you might like to consider booking a seat on a Bergamo Airport shuttle bus which stops at the main hotels and resorts close to Milan Bergamo Airport. Again this can be done with Shuttle Direct and payment can be made prior to your journey, saving time when you arrive at the airport.

So, if you are planning a trip to Italy and flying in to Bergamo Airport, it really is worthwhile considering a private or shared transfer from Bergamo Airport to ensure a smooth transition from the airport to your final destination. The drivers on these transfer buses also have a great deal of knowledge on the surrounding areas of Bergamo and Bergamo itself so be sure to make the most of this and ask away with any questions or queries you might have regarding this magnificent area of northern Italy.

Traveling In Italy – Be Train Smart

Think about traveling in Italy and the mind immediately begins to reach for the airline timetables. Think again. Traveling to and around Italy by train is kinder to your bank account and kinder to the environment. The journey time from London Kings Cross on Eurostar takes just over two hours and costs around forty quid. When you take into account the time spent lolling around the airport, suddenly the train doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Considering, also, the train has one tenth the impact on your carbon footprint compared to flying, everybody wins.

Once on the continent, there are three options for reaching your destination in Italy by train. The Artesia TGV arrives in Milan or Turin from Paris by late evening; the cost is GBP 30.30.

If you have a little extra time to spare and want to treat yourself to some stunning scenery at stunning speeds, the Lyria TGV will transport you to Zurich at 198 mph. The letters ‘TGV’ stand for ‘Trains a Grande Vitesse’, meaning, somewhat less grandly, ‘high speed train.’ The EuroCity pendolino train takes you in the morning through the Swiss Alps to Milan and from there make a connection to Florence, Venice, Naples or Rome. Alternatively, the Artesia sleeper train will carry you direct to Rome, Florence or Venice.

Want to see more of Italy? Milan to Turin or Genoa are short journeys. You can train from Venice or Verona to Siena or Pisa via Bologna. Further down the coast, zip across the country to Rome from Pescara or Naples. Curl around the west coast from Naples right down to the tip of the toe of Italy’s boot and cross the straits to Sicily on the boat train.

Hopping across the Straits of Messina to Sicily is an experience in itself. All trains get shunted onto the ferry for the half-hour crossing.

Sleeper trains have a range of carriages at a price to suit everyone. The couchettes are the cheapest, albeit less private. First Class couchettes have four berths and Second Class, six. They are mixed gender, although women traveling unaccompanied are allowed to book spaces in female-only accommodation. One does not undress at bedtime, but remains in regular clothing. There is one attendant for each pair of cars to convert the coach into it’s bedtime shape, provide pillows, sheets and blankets and to serve drinks and continental breakfast in the morning.

The more comfortable compartments in T25 and Standard Sleeper cars are carpeted and convert to a private sitting room for early evening and morning use. Each room has a washbasin and a bed fully made up. There is one attendant per car. Some of the longer routes, for instance from Milan to Naples, have luxury ‘Excelsior’ cars with one and two-bed compartments with en suite toilet and shower.

There are, of course, highways in Italy if that’s what you prefer. The minimum age for driving a car is 18, insurance is mandatory and traffic fines are on the spot and fierce. You may also be required to convince the authorities that you have written permission to drive the car if you cannot prove that you own it outright.