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The Disadvantages of VoIP Are Small Compared to the Benefits

Do you think that VoIP is too good to be true? You must have heard both positive and negative comments on VoIP services. The fact is that the VoIP has lots of advantages over a regular phone service and like any emerging technology the system has some hitches too. However as standards are been developed it becomes more reliable and user friendly. It can be even predicted that VoIP is more likely to eventually replace traditional phone service. In fact the phone companies are already into using the technology for offering cheaper long distance rates.

Considering the advantages of VoIP services low operating cost is the main attraction. With a fast internet connection, you can make PC to PC phone calls anywhere in the world for free. PC to phone connection is also possible as you have to only pay a meager amount compared to the regular phone service. There is also option to sign up with a service provider and make unlimited calls within a certain geographic area by paying a monthly fee. Sometimes overseas calls would be charged at a relatively small rate.

Portability is the second advantage of VoIP. It is possible to make and receive calls from where ever provided you have a broadband connection by simply signing into your VoIP account. In this regard, calls become more convenient just like how you send emails. You can make a call while travelling if you have a headset and talk to your family or enterprises by paying nothing.

The portable feature of VoIP is also possible in the phone to phone services. As you sign up with a service provider, a unique number is assigned with the internet phone or adaptor that is used. This unique number becomes the identity and remains valid, even if you are in any part of the world. As the internet phone is small and light, it can easily be taken to any place you travel. Simply plug in the broadband connection to the device and make phone calls to anywhere you desire.

Many other features are also available along with VoIP like call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID and three way calling. And all this would be offered without any extra charge. There is also option to send pictures and documents simultaneously while talking.

While all these are the advantages, there are certain disadvantages while using the VoIP. The main problem is related with power backup and emergency calls. If a blackout happens, the regular phone would work as it is kept charged through the phone line. This is a major setback for the internet phones as there would be no service if the power goes out. However there is an option to maintain the power by using battery backups or generators for providing electricity.

Another limitation of internet phones is related to the emergency 911 calls. While the traditional phone equipment traces your location and the emergency calls are diverted to the nearest call center. With VoIP, however it is not possible to pinpoint the exact location and there is no scope of diversion. Also the internet phone calls encounter problems with sound quality and reliability. However comparing the advantages over the limitations, it can be said that all the kinks would be gradually solved as technology advances.

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Travel Insurance Will Not Cover Holidaymakers With An Expired Passport

Fine Gael has called for emergency travel certificates to be produced under the provisions of the Passport Act 2008, for travellers whose passports have expired and are awaiting new ones to be sent to them, due to a current backlog.

However, the Department of Foreign Affairs has dismissed calls for emergency travel certificates to be issued, saying there are no plans to introduce emergency passport extensions.

The department said the proposals held little scope and could not be extended. A spokesperson said, An Emergency Travel Certificate only allows for a single, one-way trip. Furthermore, they are not accepted in the USA. Under international agreements, the maximum validity of any passports is 10 years, and therefore cannot be extended.

Irish citizens can travel to the UK using a valid form of photo ID instead of a passport; but different travel companies operate using different requirements.

Aer Lingus will allow passengers to travel to the UK with some form of official photo ID, such as a drivers licence; a government issued ID card, a health insurance or social security card as long as they display a photo. People aged 16 years old or under do not require a photo ID if they are travelling to the UK with their parent/guardian under Aer Lingus rules.

Yet Ryanair insist that all passengers travelling to the UK must have a valid passport and have said there is no question of them changing their position on the matter.

A Ryanair spokesperson said, As an airline flying to more than 26 countries and carrying over 70 nationalities daily, there is no question of our agreed passport requirement to be altered or waived. Its the Governments job to issue passports, and not Ryanairs job to cover for Government incompetence.

Ireland decided to opt out of the Schengen Agreement and maintaining border controls with other EU countries, meaning Irish citizens travelling to countries in Europe except the UK, will be required to hold a valid passport.

Travellers will be left further disappointed by the news that they will be unlikely to claim back travel insurance through travel insurance claims, which usually only cover compensation due to injury, illness or death.

A spokesperson for the Irish Insurance Federation said, The cancellation of your holiday due to failure to obtain a passport is generally not covered under travel insurance policies.

How Youngsters Should Bear in mind When Traveling Alone

Attributable to the number of un-conventional families in our social system, it is typical for custody agreements to require children to travel over the holidays to be with the other parent. This is an issue that numerous moms and dads have to deal with within the best way possible. If the moms and dads live in close proximity they can effortlessly drive them to the agreed upon destination. If the divorce is amicable it might even be possible for every mum or dad to drive half path for the exchange of the kids.

Even so, it isn’t usually possible for moms and dads to have the ability to do this for one reason or another and that indicates that children will wind up traveling alone for the holidays. You want to make this as smooth of a process for them as you feasibly can. Guarantee you talk to your child about the procedure and they know precisely what will be taking place. It is important that you chat with them about not accompanying strangers for any reason although they’re traveling on your own for the holidays.

Make sure you pack your child loads of activities for them to entertain themselves throughout the flight. It’s a great idea to pack them drinks and snacks too in case they get hungry. In no way leave your child until they have boarded the type of transportation they’re taking. If there is a layover or a cancellation they will be left alone.

If feasible send your youngster with a cellular phone they can use within the case of emergencies. You should also pack a listing of contact phone numbers with them and any medical info that could be helpful in the event of an accident. Avoid placing kids who are flying alone for the holidays on those flights that have layovers if you can assist it. In the event that it’s essential make sure a flight attendant will be escorting them to that location.

The safest mode of transportation for you child if they’re traveling alone to go to the other mother or father for the holidays would be to book them a flight. It may be more costly but you’ll be much more positive about them going alone. If feasible don’t send your youngster alone on a flight if they have never been on an airplane before. The tension of it can be too much for them to handle.

Let the airline know at the time of booking that your youngster will be traveling on your own. They will maintain watch over their child throughout the flight and find out who they have to be delivered to at the airport. This person will have to have their photo ID with them although the youngster knows them as a way to follow security procedures. Most airlines consider a minor to be traveling on your own for the holidays if they’re between 5 and 15 years of age. Younger kids aren’t allowed to travel alone.

It is against the rules for children under 8 years of age to travel alone on Amtrak. Those between the ages of 8 and 15 may travel alone as lengthy as it is not an overnight trip. They must reach their destination no later than 9 pm. Their child isn’t allowed to transfer trains either or to get off at any locations other than the 1 printed on their ticket.

Their youngster will in all probability be interviewed by a staff member when they’re brought to the train station. If the child doesn’t appear to be mature enough to travel alone they will not be allowed on the train and the ticket price will be refunded. If they are allowed to board the mum or dad should sign a waiver releasing Amtrak from all liability. The child will be supplied with the wristband so that all employees will know they’re traveling alone.

Greyhound doesn’t allow kids under 8 years of age to travel alone either. This isn’t an choice at all of the bus ride is more than 250 miles at Greyhound has that limit on the amount of miles a youngster may be on the bus. To get off for any excuse at a rest region or bus stop the youngster must be accompanied by the bus driver. They are also needed to sit within the seat immediately behind the bus driver.

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