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Aircraft Manufacturing Operations

Airport Jobs In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Activities at an airport contributes to the local and state economy by generating business revenue to local regional and national firms by providing passenger service, freight service and support services to the airport and its tenants. Thus, the impact of an airport to the economy cannot be reduced to a single number. What is most significant, however, is the employment impact which accounts for the ripple effect of generating all kinds of revenue from airport jobs in Milwaukee WI.

The employment impact of aviation activity consists of direct employment, induced employment and indirect employment. Jobs that are directly generated by airport activity are direct when they mainly depend on the existence of the airport. While the rest of the WI Airport Jobs & employment are created throughout the regional economy because individuals directly employed and those who partake of the services they provide, spend locally on goods food and housing. Also, jobs are generated due to the purchase of goods and services by firms dependent upon airport activity. The former is known as the induced impact and the latter is the indirect impact.

Moreover, Milwaukee is home to General Mitchell International Airport which is served by 12 airlines, catering nonstop or direct to 90 cities. Its location is convenient to serve the southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Connected by Amtrak Hiawatha train service to an access to Chicago, it is in the top 30 fastest growing airport in the country due to its low fare offers. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, General Mitchell International Airport can be can be your next great career move. Airport Jobs in Milwaukee, WI offers a place where you can showcase your unique skills and talents and help shape the industry while continuously advancing your growth.

The following may have an opening at the General Mitchell International Airport under WI Airport Jobs & employment:

Airline and Airport Operation
Industrial and Mechanical Services
Aircraft Manufacturing Operations
Law-related Services
Health Services
Administrative and Managerial Services
Food Service Personnel

The airport offers career opportunities to suit many interest. As aerotropolis is a growing trend in the aviation industry, job openings are endless as well as airport jobs in Milwaukee WI. For details about information on employment at the General Mitchell International Airport, you may check on the current listings at by clicking on airport information and selecting employment.