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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Taking Care Of Your Health While Travelling In India

India’s vibrant culture, tradition and heritage often attracts people from all over the world. Cities in India like Agra, Jaipur, Goa, Kashmir, Kerala, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mysore, Darjeeling, etc., are some of the popular tourist destinations in India.

India is a tropical country with diverse climate features and there are chances of foreign tourists being exposed to a variety of germs, bacteria and viruses. If you are planning to visit India, you need to take certain precautions, especially in terms of food, to stay healthy and safe.

Following are some tips that help you stay healthy and avoid falling sick while travelling in India.

Food – What to eat and what to avoid

Avoid eating street food: Many cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad are famous for street food. The Chandni Chowk area in Delhi is popularly called as ‘Street Food Capital of Delhi’. You will find a variety of snack items like Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, Samosa, etc., in these areas. They look colourful and are tempting. Try them if the premises are clean and hygienic. But in most cases it’s better to avoid because we can’t guarantee the quality and hygiene. There are chances of the food being contaminated.

Avoid eating spicy food: India is the country of spices and the people here like to add spices in many of their dishes that make them hot and spicy. Especially some Indian cuisines like Hyderabadi cuisine that includes Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Keema, Masala Tea, etc., Goan cuisine from Goa includes Murgh Malvani, Phanasachi Bhaji; Gujarati cuisine, Kerala cuisine are popular for their spicy dishes. People who are not used to them cannot handle them.

So, whenever you are ordering food at a restaurant or at a food stall ask the server to make the dish less spicy or else go for less spicy food like Fried rice, Idli, sweet dishes, Dokla, Daal Bhati, etc.

Avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits: Some restaurants and food stalls in India use tap water (supplied by local government) to wash vegetables and fruits (sometimes they may not wash). This water is more likely to get contaminated during its transit through various pipelines. Moreover, we are not sure whether the knives they use are sterile or not. So, it’s better to avoid raw fruits or vegetables that will be served as salads with most Indian dishes.

Eat freshly cooked food served steaming hot: In many countries, people are used to cold meals, but it is better to prefer steaming hot food in India, especially when you are having dishes that are boiled in water or steamed like Rice, Idli, Upma, etc. Make sure you ask the server to serve it fresh and hot. When the food is fresh and hot, it is less likely to carry food borne pathogens.

Avoid buffets: In many restaurants in India, morning’s unsold food will be served in the dinner buffets. Unless you have a good review for hygiene of a restaurant from travel guide like ‘Lonely Planet’, don’t take the risk. Stick to what is recommended because you will be sure on the hygienic conditions of the restaurants.

Avoid cold dairy products: In India, many restaurants prepare dishes with dairy products like yogurt, paneer, cheese, milk, etc. Yogurt is served as a side dish for many of the dishes like Indian Thali, Biryani, etc. As cold dairy products are prone to contamination, better to avoid them.

Eat at international food chains: The best thing to avoid all this is to eat at international food chains like KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, etc., that are available across India. Make sure you buy dishes that are customized to India like Rice Bowlz, Aloo Tikki Burger – after all, you are in India you need to try Indian dishes.

Beverages – What to drink and what to avoid

When travelling in India, you need to be very careful while choosing unpacked beverages, as they may be contaminated. Take a look at some of the beverages to avoid.

Avoid drinking tap water: As discussed earlier, water is supplied by local government and it may not be safe to consume.

Drink only bottled water: Go for reputed brands like Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, Himalayan or Bailey’s, and check if the cap is sealed.

Avoid ice cubes: While ordering cold beverages like cool drinks, fruit juices, sugarcane juice, etc., ask them to serve without adding ice cubes. Many restaurants use tap water to prepare ice cubes.

Avoid drinking at road-side juice stalls: Avoid drinking lassi (spiced and sweetened butter milk), fruit juices, sugarcane juice, cold yogurt, etc., on the street. Don’t get tempted by seeing the crowd at the stall. Better to go for branded and packaged juices or to the stalls that are hygienic.

Coconut water: India is a land of coconuts. In cities like Kerala, Cochin, Goa, Hyderabad, etc., coconuts are available throughout the year. Though the coconut water is good for rehydrating the body, the sickle may not be sterile. So, better to avoid the water unless you see the sickle is clean.

Hope, this information helps you while travelling in India. Have a wonderful vacation!

Travel Graduate Careers In The Uk For Those Who Want To Spread Their Wings

After completion of graduation, graduates in the UK start looking for jobs and get ready to start their graduate careers. After completing years of studying the end of graduation means that students can finally spread their wings and get their hands on their first pay cheque. A lot of graduates also plan on moving away from their home and start a new life independently. For these reasons every year thousands of graduates seek out graduate jobs. However, a lot of them end up with inappropriate jobs or in positions that are not suited for them. To make sure that you dont end up with a position that stifles your life you should start exploring the market conditions before completion of graduation.

Graduates who want to spread their wings and see new places and meet new people should sign up for graduate careers with the travel industry. The travel industry is a good place to start as it offers a lot of exposure to young graduates. In the UK there are different types of jobs available in the travel industry. One of the most dynamic and vibrant positions that graduates can enjoy within the travel industry is by being in the airline industry. There are several vacancies available within the airline industry like air hostesses, air stewards and other flight crew positions. These positions require young and dynamic people and are best suited for graduates looking for a job to start their career.

Working as sales professional is another great choice for graduate careers. Sales people usually have to travel to different places for company work giving graduates the chance to explore new places and spread their wings. Getting a sales position that lets you work in the field especially with telecom and automotive companies can lead you to travel to different locations, both national and international. As graduates you wont be initially sent to foreign destinations but you can expect travelling to new locations a part of your job.

Graduate careers in the tourism industry is also sought after by many young graduates as this gives them a scope to travel to many locations on the pretext of completing company work. Several travel agencies hire young graduates as agents and send them to travel destination for running promotional campaigns. Moreover agents and employees also get to enjoy discounted offers from airlines and hotels as part of promotional offers. Most the promotional offers are meant to help the agent or employee familiarize with locations and services so that he/she can generate more sales. Graduates who have a knack for travelling and exploring new places can apply for these types of jobs.

There are different types of graduate careers to choose from in the UK. Usually graduates choose careers based on their major subjects during graduation however there are some graduates who do not desire a desk job in a bank or office. They want to spread their wings see new places and meet with people and for these types of graduates getting a career in the travel and tourism is the best idea.

How to pick the best Gold Coast airport transfers

If you are planning for your next vacation, Queensland would be a wonderful holiday destination for you. People usually book the accommodation in advance but they often neglect hiring airport transfer services. They forget how they will travel from the Gold Coast airport to their holiday accommodation. Gold Coast airport limo hire would be a best option for you if you want a smooth and stressful journey.

You will find many options from the airport to reach at your destination. The first way is to hire a car that can be booked in advance to avoid standing in a queue for a long time after hours of travel. The second and the most traditional way is to book a taxi by standing in the line and waiting for your turn. Taking a taxi is a good and cheap option and will take you direct to your accommodation but it is stressful and difficult to wait in a line for an uncertain period of time. The next option is to book your transfer from one of the good shuttle bus companies in advance which operates across the coast.

The limo services are very economical as well as safe. The drivers are very professional who will greet the passengers upon their arrival. If you are visiting with your family then, this would be the best option for you. Many times a question arises in our mind that why should we hire an airport transfer service. There are many advantages of hiring Gold Coast airport transfers. I must say it is convenient, efficient and you can experience a faster travel.

The best trick to choose the best Gold Coast mini van hire is to carefully look for all the options and not to hire to the first one that appears. The ideal and experienced service providers have broad knowledge of the destinations as well as about its attractions, and amenities. Besides, they are committed to provide a reliable, cost-effective and courteous service to make the trip memorable as well as pleasurable.

Once you made reservations and payments for any ideal service they will send you a reservation invoice and the sorts. Check out where the drivers will be waiting for you, how you would recognize them and what you would do if you could not find the driver assigned to you. The gold coast airport service will provide you an agent’s number if this happens.

You will surely enjoy a much safer as well as a stress free journey if you pick the right airport transfer service while travelling to Queensland.

David Flodine is the owner of A Gold Coast Limousine company. Contact him for Gold Coast airport limo hire, Tweed Coast stretch limo hire, Brisbane stretch limo hire, Sunshine coast wedding limos and Gold Coast airport transfers. For booking call him at 1800 778 116.

What Makes Florida Vacation Homes Stand Out

Florida vacation homes stand out mainly due to the high reputation that Florida enjoys as a holiday destination. Some of this town’s importance is partly because of its geographical location as well as the kind of activities that go on in the area. Being situated on one of the furthest locations out to the sea, it has been a favorite holiday location as a number of people enjoy the sun along its shallow and sandy beaches.

It is perhaps out of the advantages that nature has bestowed on Florida that it has been a favorite destination of choice for many holiday makers. It also goes without saying that a number of property investors are automatically attracted to the area due to its obvious potential and this could be the reason behind the high number of Florida vacation homes available for leasing.

With a very wide stretch of coast line, Florida vacation homes are located in almost all the imaginable places along the beaches as well as inland. This gives anyone interested in getting Florida vacation homes for a holiday retreat a wide variety of options to choose from. The choice of properties to choose from could range from beach condos to old school beach houses just but to mention a few.

With the cost of the Florida vacation homes always playing a major role whenever one thinks of having a holiday in the area, it is important to note that one always has the option to choose from the high number of condos, beach houses and villas as well as town houses depending on their budget.

In the aspect of the cost of the Florida vacation homes, it is further important to note that those who take longer stays at the properties enjoy better rates as compared to short stays such as one night or two. If you are booking by the month, you are likely to get some of the best rates imaginable. The family size will also be a factor to consider since it has a major role ion determining the size of the Florida vacation homes that you are likely to choose.

The client could opt for one bedroom houses to as much as four bedroom ones depending on the size of the visiting parties. Of course the design also comes into consideration when choosing a home to spend your holiday in. it is always advisable to look at the features that also come with each package you think of taking. This is because the basic utilities such as water, utensil cleaners and refrigerators are an important part of regular life and you could do better with Florida vacation homes that have all of these facilities and even much more.

Travelling to Caloundra in Queensland, Australia

Located just 96 kms of Brisbane you will find a wonderful town called Caloundra. Known as the -Winter Playground-, Caloundra is located on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. This means that this is the place to hit, during the winters in the southern hemisphere. So, when winter strikes your part of the world, this is the place you should consider coming to, because it will welcome you with the warm sunshine and cool waters. Worth the drive, you will find Caloundra easy to get to if you pick up a car rental in Brisbane at the airport after your plane lands.

Caloundra is known for the beaches and in particular, their stellar surfing. If you are a little apprehensive about the more popular beaches of the Gold Coast, then Caloundra is perfect for you. Not only is it a great place to people watch, it is also a fantastic beach to join in with all of the many fishing areas as well as water-skiing, kayaking and boating beaches.

Golden Beach, Bulcock Beach and Kings Beach make up the most popular in the area. Here you will find plenty of picnic spots, sail boarding areas and so much more. Bulcock beach in particular is especially family friendly with a wonderful esplanade that will allow you to watch the waves and enjoy the great dining, shopping and more. If entertainment is more your style, you must visit the Corbould Race Course which is just a few minutes from Caloundra. As one of the best race courses in the area, you are sure to have a great time. No matter, whether you win or lose your bet, you are sure to emerge victorious in your quest for a good time.

Take the time to head over to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with your Brisbane car rental, or take a quick jaunt over to the Glass House Mountains for some of the best forestry and natural beauty that you will find on the Sunshine Coast. These natural areas have been maintained with much care and are sure to offer visitors, with hours of wonder and awe! Escape with your loved one, for moments that are not only private, but will also help you build treasured memories. The hinterlands are also a fantastic place to visit with children, because they can get a real life experience of the natural flora and fauna of Australia.

With such scenic drives and amazing walking tracks, you can easily see why Caloundra is one of the most popular holiday spots on the Sunshine Coast.

Finding Good Airport Transfer Service Provider

If you are booking the airport transfer services in advance and prior to your traveling time, it is an assurance to you that, you will get your airport transfer service or taxi at right time and you will not have to miss your flight. It is always better to book the airport transfer services in advance. . These airport transfer service providers have different quality cabs which make you more comfortable during your journey. But you must not believe on any airport transfer service provider blindly. Airport transfer services are most prominent services and they need to be reliable and trustworthy, so that the customer will not have to suffer any problem.

You do not have to worry about how to book airport transfer service online. There are various ways to find a good airport transfer service providers online. For every airport transfer service provider it is necessary that they keep their customer happy so that they can also get more business in future from them.

Best Airport Transfer Service Provider

Free Online Booking: When you book the London airport taxi service online you do not have to pay the booking fee at the time of booking. You can save your money by their online booking system. They do not charge any amount to you for booking their services online. London airport taxi service provider offer this service to their customers so that, they can book their services for free and can save their money. By this offer London airport taxi service providers got success in attracting more customers online

Quotation for your trip: airport transfer service providers provide you free quotation of their rates as per your travel plan. They do not charge anything to you for quotation. They just ask you about your travel plan and let you know about their rates in their quotation for free. There are many airport transfer service provider available in the market and everyone provide their service at different rates to attract their customer and to provide them hassle free service

Cheaper Price: You must get the quotation from other airport cab service provider available in the market and must make a comparison in the quotation retrieved from other airport cab service providers. Because it is not necessary that the airport cab service provider with whom you are consulting your travel plan is offering you airport transfer service at cheaper price

Booking of airport transfer services in advance is always beneficial and profitable. It always saves you on time and money both. You do not have to worry about any kind of delay in reaching to airport. You must be sure that you are not hiring any expensive or non reliable airport cab service for yourself which may result into tiring and unprofessional decision for you. All of these above mentioned features must provided by good airport cab service providers. A good airport cab service provider always takes care of all your needs on time.

Saving up to go travelling

Most people decide to take a gap year after they go to university or even before, but many find it difficult to save up enough money to go. It can be difficult to save money from your first job or even part-time job so here are a few tips to get you on your way to your gap year adventure.

There are several ways to calculate how much you need to earn to be able to go traveling and there are several problems that you will encounter along the way. Several banks will be able to advise you on the best accounts for savings; however some of the best will be building societies. They will probably be the ones with the best interest rates.

So once you have set up a savings account you need to decide how much you need to save. The expenses that you will have will be varied, but the main expenses will be your round the world ticket and the money that you will need when you are there, including all food and accommodation.

If you plan your trip well and decide where you want to visit well in advance then you should have a good idea how much you will spend. You should also have a look at the average cost of accommodation in the area. Sites like Lonely Planet are good for things like this and there will also be reviews on the towns and cities in the region.

You should also account for travel in the country, including buses and trains. You will also be able to find this information on the internet. As well as all these expenses you should factor in food and even exchange rates. Once you have decided how much you will need, you have to have a look at your expenses here. How much can you afford to put away each month? It may be daunting at first but there are probably a few ways that you can curb your expenditure.

If it is possible to live with your parents then that might be a good option, as you will save money on accommodation, bills and council tax. If this is not an option then you could have a look at getting a part time job.

Have a cup of coffee while travelling

Many of you might have thought how wonderful it would be if you could have a cup of coffee while travelling. Travel mugs are the only accessories that can make this wish come true. Whether you want to carry hot or cold beverages, travel mugs are your only answer. There are different types of travel mugs available in the market. For instance, ceramic travel mug, personalized travel mug, and stainless steel travel mug are some of the common types of travel mugs. Some travel mugs come with innovative features like press to sip and release to seal function.

When it comes to retaining heat or cold efficiently for many hours, stainless steel travel mugs are champions. Usually stainless steel travel mugs come with double wall insulation, so that heat or cold retention is high. In addition, these mugs are durable and 100% leak-proof and spill-proof. Ceramic travel mugs on the other hand come with an outer wall made from stainless steel and inner wall made from ceramic. The blend of ceramic and steel not only gives an exquisite look to it, but also makes the travel mug tougher and efficient. Ceramic and stainless steel travel mugs may cost you more money, but these mugs are highly effective in retaining heat or cold for long hours. Plastic travel mugs are cheap, but ineffective in heat or cold retention when compared with stainless steel and ceramic travel mugs.

Airport transportation for all in Atlanta

Every one wants to spend their holidays in a tension free and hazard free style. But transportation rates are so high universally that people often ended up spoiling their holidays in tension. If you are planning to visit Atlanta then you can save money by availing Atlanta airport transportation. This is really cheap, affordable and trustworthy service. In Atlanta there are plenty of memorable places you can visit. To make your visit peaceful nothing can be a better idea than Atlanta airport shuttle services. With Atlanta charter bus services you can easily visit seaside points, international hotels and other venues. You will also be able to enjoy other services there.

If you are going to visit Atlanta downtown there is another option you can avail. That is Atlanta party bus or other Atlanta bus service. The transportation rates are quite same in all the companies. That means you can enjoy visiting some of the great places in quite an affordable price there. That is why Atlanta bus services have become hugely popular among the tourists. Earlier it was immensely tough for the tourists to avail a car and visit the places. Now they need not worry about transportation or hiring a guide at all. These Atlanta party bus services are available 24 hours a day. If it is early morning or mid night you still will be able to find these services active.

If you still feel confused then you can check the airlines services and opt for a flight that will reach their in the morning so that you can handle the situation even more efficiently. But if you wish then you can talk to the Atlanta airport transportation customer care services. They will help you to book the service even before you reach there. Even if you do not book the service but you will surely get to know about the rates, hotels and other important things. With this Atlanta airport transportation and Atlanta bus services tourism has really improved a lot. To be precise, once you reach Atlanta there will be no reason to worry at all. You need not think about anything else but fun and enjoyment. You need not even reach there to book the services. You can check and book the convenient services online also. Once you pre-book these services things will become smoother for you. The excellent transportation service is just a few clicks away and that is why you must stop worrying now. If you are still confused then throw away all your tensions and start packing your bags now. You are going to enjoy a great Atlanta trip soon. Once you complete the trip you will definitely remember it for the rest of your life.

Keep In Touch With Your Travelling Children

The thought of your precious child leaving home, spreading their wings and travelling round the world is enough to bring any parent out in a cold sweat. The fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of your child’s whereabouts can be a scary and intimidating experience for every parent. At this time of year lots of students and gap year students are beginning to plan backpacking world trips or organising working holidays abroad, so, whatever your child is planning it’s the perfect time to look into your options for staying in touch with your precious kids while they are away.

The thought of being out of contact with your children can send anxious parents into turmoil but there are a few easy ways to keep in contact with your loved ones as they head off on their great adventures. The easiest, and probably the most reliable, way to keep in touch is through e-mail and via the internet. This is a cost efficient, fast and reliable way to get messages to your child. Unfortunately this doesn’t guarantee you an immediate response but can be a nice way to share in your child’s experiences. If your loved one is travelling to an area with a bad connection don’t let this throw you into utter panic, arrange a time when you should expect to hear from them and ask for their hotel or youth hostel details in case of an emergency.

If you’re lucky your child may begin to write an online travel blog posting pictures, videos and information about their travels online for families and friends. This can be a positive and reassuring way to keep anxious parents sane and could stop your kids feeling obliged to call home each time their destination changes. Social networking sites are also a quick and easy way to stay in touch and parents can quickly check on Facebook and Bebo updates to make sure their child is still safe.

If you can’t stand the thought of not knowing where you child is you may consider using some of the latest technology to keep tabs on your offspring. GPS tracking devices are all the rage in the travelling world and are a great way to let others know your whereabouts. It’s especially useful if your child is planning a trek or excursion that means they will be out of contact for several days.

One of the most important things to remember when your child is travelling is to give them the freedom to grow and experience the world on their own. If you’re constantly ringing, emailing and writing your child could begin to resent you or may spend all their time reassuring you instead of enjoying themselves. Try to email or phone once a week or arrange a specific time to get in touch with them so you’re not smothering them.

Whether you’re looking for cheap calls to Australia, a sturdy internet connection in Asia or a state of the art global tracking system staying in touch with your child can help to put your mind at ease so you can rejoice in your child’s new found freedom as they experience the world.