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How To Rebuild Traveling Water Screens

Rebuilding traveling water screens is not a simple task, but thankfully theres a company whos got your back. SSI rebuilds all designs, makes and models of traveling water screens. Their rebuilding program refurbishes traveling water screens back to their original specifications using only exact replacement parts.

Once your water screen is at their facility, it is completely disassembled and sandblasted to bare metal. The complete traveling water screen is then inspected by our engineers
and a detailed inspection report is prepared outlining its exact condition and what repairs are necessary. Should the traveling water screen require repairs beyond the scope of the original cost estimate, a new estimate is prepared and emailed, along with digital photos to the customer for evaluation.

During the rebuild process each traveling water screen receives new replacement parts or repair to existing parts and frame assemblies. Also during the rebuilding process we can offer upgrades for the traveling water screen to overcome any type of problems it previously had and to ensure the rebuilt screen will provide years of dependable parts and service. Once the main frame and sub assemblies have been rebuilt, the entire traveling water screen and all of its parts are coated with an immersion-service-rated epoxy paint. The traveling water screen is then reassembled and test run is completed.
You also have the option to build new water screens:
Whatever your facility’s screening need– debris removal, fish handling, or heavy duty, continuous running conditions– SSI can design and build a screen to meet your demands.

Using Technology to Navigate Your Travels – Traveling Physicians

As roads twist and turn throughout our journeys, we may often find ourselves lost if not for our technology (and an occasional gas attendant). Traveling brings us to new places, often very unfamiliar and even strange. Luckily our technological advances have done more than upgrade our entertainment systems, they have made our pathway clear.


There are an assortment of devices that you can use to help you navigate your travels. The classic way is of course to get the old road map out- but with the Internet, the map is readily available to you. Using your good old laptop can help you choose the best route before you ever get on the road. Google offers one of the most popular used sites to help you choose which road to take.

Parking At Phl Airport

Not surprisingly, Philadelphia International Airport is Philadelphia, Pennsylvanias largest and most important airport, raking in almost $14 million a year! Philadelphia International airport features eight terminals which cater to more than 36,000 people a year. PHL plays host to 28 airlines which service over 600 departures a day. As a result, a large percentage of those people departing from PHL will end up needing to park their cars. Not unlike a variety of other airports serving large cities, PHL offers a variety of parking options:

On-Site Airport Parking

If you plan on parking at Philadelphia International airport for only a short amount of time, short-term parking will be your most cost-effective option. Short-term parking allows you to park for free for the first ten minutes of your stay, and increases the cost hourly after that. If you plan on staying longer than four hours, or if you are flying out of PHL for your trip, long term parking will be a much better choice. This option will be cheaper than short-term parking in the long run. It is located further away from the airport, but PHL offers a complementary shuttle service to and from the long-term lot. Unfortunately, shuttles have to stop at all lots along the way which may make travellers late to their gates. Keep in mind that both short and long term parking do not accommodate for larger vehicles such as tractor trailers or RVs.

Traveling Green Understanding The Green Hotel

Just what Green Hotel?

A green hotel is one that strives for being green. Specifically, these eco-friendly inns make efforts in construction, renovation and daily maintenance that reduce the businesses use of water and energy, and which reduce solid waste.
Many of these changes could be as simple as outfitting each room with the towel change cards that many of us have all seen in our travels in the past years. These cards encourage guests to go green by reusing their towels which saves water and reduces the amounts of detergent which is delivered to water processing facilities and potentially into lakes or rivers. For the green hotel owner, this straightforward sign can save thousands of dollars a year in lowered electricity, water, detergent and manual labor costs. By being a green hotel it is possible to impress your customers, save money and help protect the environment.
The key benefits of a Green Hotel
Learning to be a green hotel is an excellent strategy to open up a uniquely new customer base. Every savvy marketer sees that today becoming environmentally friendly inside your operations translates right to more green money in your bank deposit every week; turning an ordinary hotel in to a green hotel is almost certain to increase profits.

Increasing profits by becoming green happens through two avenues. The main way that green accommodations can increase profits is as simple as earning additional revenue through attracting customers who care about the environment. There is little about becoming a green hotel that could shut off the few customers who don’t care about being eco-friendly, but much that may attract customers that specifically care about eco issues. Simply speaking, you boost your customer base by appealing to an individualized crowd, without impacting your mass appeal to travelers as a whole.
The next method that a green hotel increases profits is as simple as minimizing operational costs, an implicit component of being a green inn. A great number of efforts are small and require almost no initial cost output. Towel change cards are certainly one illustration of big financial impact with almost no financial output. For hotels with restaurants, serving water upon request only is a cost-free change that can add up to big savings. Of course, larger changes for example installing cost effective HVAC systems may help to a bundle, but you do not have to spend a great deal to take advantage of green operations.
Deciding on a Green Hotel

Canada Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

When travelling in Canada, there are plenty of budget-wise ways to make travelling fun, vibrant, and memorable. There are plenty of attractions in places like Toronto which are affordable and worthwhile. This article will discuss budget travelling in Canada, as well as the different affordable travel options in Canada and cheap attractions.

First off, a great place to visit in Canada is Toronto. Toronto has some of the most inexpensive activities to do, since it is a large city. Going to stargaze at York University Observatory can be a romantic adventure for a couple or a fun activity for the family. This activity is open to the public free of charge on Wednesday evenings.

Another fun activity in Toronto is Woodbine Beach. This gorgeous beach offers free parking and is the perfect place to relax from a busy trip. The Blooms at Allan Gardens Conservatory is another great option one has to view exotic flowers in greenhouses. There is a very small fee to enter the conservatory, but it is worth it to view such rare and exotic plants.